Tuesday, April 19, 2011


gene sent me this pic of surfsister finding that clean slide on her cooperfish blackboard flex pig.
she then (upon request from me [ after i saw the above pic from Gene]) sent me the following via surfapig@live.com: Oh my god, Mike! This board is fantastic!! I thought, once I got it, it would be a beast of a board to surf. Well, it isn't. Maybe it's because I already have a pig. Maybe it's because the board is just perfect. Who knows? Gene is a master!



  1. When I went to see Gene to pick up my board, I remember thinking, "Good gawd, this thing is heavy!" I assumed it would also surf heavy. Wrong!! It is a joy to surf and it's anything but heavy in the water.

  2. its great to hear your feedback surfsister. i know what mine feels like when i lug it down to sliders! my buddies joke with me saying i am shrinking ( I walk with it on my head). and I couldn't agree with you more. the board has this buoyancy ...once it is in the water it has this effortless glide. the board caries itself, i love getting that full rail cutback, that is when i notice this board's nuances. well then...and when I am trimming on the nose. but the cutback, when I am transitioning from just after the cut back back to trimming...the board finds its way, the white water doesn't make the scene all scetchy.