Wednesday, April 20, 2011

cheyne skasic's '29 ford roadster and his blackboard flex pig!!!

cheyen skasic cc'd me this via Hey gene, I wanted to testify again on this flexpig. I've been riding it non stop from bolsa chica and huntington cliffs to San O and really put a good beating to it. This board is Indistructable I cleaned the wax off today and there isnt one pressure ding on it. The board is probably the best board purchase of Id say 20-30 boards ive made to date. Still finding things I love about it daily. Keep on doing what you are doing.Here are a few shots of the board and my 29 ford roadster pick up...maybe i'll make the long haul down to San O one of these days with it!

i'm hoping Cheyne brings his flex and this beautiful ride to the pig luau on june 18!

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