Friday, April 1, 2011

april 1

surfed today with my buddy Donald Brink. stoked! we shared flawless sliders. NUTS!!!! curl shoots, head dips, nose rides, cut in a candy store.
came home and made my wife a breakfast pizza. whole wheat crust from trader joes, mango peach salsa and fire roasted tomato salsa, cheese, turkey breast, eggs, bacon, more cheese, avocado. i can't believe i hadn't thought of this earlier. i love pizza, i love breakfast scrambles....match made in utopia!
as i was shopping for some of the ingredients for breakfast..i saw this headline:
people are more easily governed when they are in fear. i am stoked i missed this newsflash!!! today is such a beautiful day. there is so much to celebrate in life. this planet is SO full of just have to be the type of person that sees it.