Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jazz the Glass! DOUBLE BLAST!!!!

here it is: we are re-releasing Jazz!
we sold out of the old one, hence we headed back to the replicators....this time we beefed her up a bit. this release is a double pack. ..the movie (with some extras) ; along with THE SOUNDTRACK CD:
Soundtrack CD:
1- Beach Thingy
2- Longboard Shrooms
3- The Eggy Bonzer
4- Aussie Thrashdown
5- Mellow Bikini
6- Funky Boardshorts
7- Salty Samba
8- Pig Blaster
9- More Beach Thingy
10- Blackstoke Lullaby

DVD Extra Features:
JTG Trailer 01
JTG Trailer 02
JTG Trailer 03
Kobok Trailer
Invasion! Trailer
Invasion! Boner Scene
Invasion! Machine Guns
JTG Movie-Surf Only
JTG Movie-Pirates Only
look for it in a month or so!!


  1. The original Jazz the Glass DVD has grown on me as time's gone on and has seen more regular time in my DVD than any other (partly because none of my friends tend to have seen it so it's first in on a night of rum and surfy-pirate-talk). I can't get enough of the blustery piggin' at the start but I also like the "clean shit". This version sounds great. I for one would recommend you spend some of your hard earned stoke on it ya kooks!