Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Micheal Connor introduces "the bush pig no.1"

Michael Connor sent me this via
"A couple of mates and I have been discussing the merits of pigs for quite a while and out of all that is born the first Bush Pig. Made from foam as a prototype for the hollow timber pigs that will follow after some test time for the overall shape and dimensions. Size is 9’6” x 23 ½ “ x 3 ¼”.Although it is glassed with a 6 and 6+8 oz the weight is only 9kgs which is a bit lighter than I expected but we will see today how it performs. Love the Surf a Pig site and the cool vibe that exists there with lots of positive info and good time surf shots. I will add a pic. of one of my hollow Paulownia boards for reference to the look the Bush Pig will end up with. It is Paulownia with Aust. Red Cedar trim. It is made in conjunction with Bob McTavish and uses his Redline shape which I usually ride. Cheers from Micheal. Pics are big to keep the quality."

Thank you for the contribution Micheal. The design and craftsmanship look great!! check out Micheal's website!


  1. Had a few surfs on the Bush Pig now and can't get over the acceleration as you walk forward on the board.Been shot over the back as the board takes off.The narrowish nose is no problem and the board will climb up out of the foam with me standing on the nose.Quite fast for a soft railed board and the trimming is just beautiful.