Friday, January 15, 2010

more drawings and something to come.

i saw this flower and it inspired me to draw it and to write something about the irrational number pi. i thought about the "something to write" after i saw how perfect the circle was inside the center of the flower's petals. i titled this doodle "does the flower know?"  here is what the writing says : pi irrational number...can be constructed with an infinite sum...yet pi is found by considering the ratio...circumference : diameter. thus pi is an irrational number found with a ratio.
here is a drawing i did that was a study for a potential wine company's bottle logo thingy. they chose not to use it. perhaps if i had the fabric and the ties around his waist flowing in the wind like he was surfing they would have choose it.  "surfing buddha" 
here is a photo of me taken when we were filming Speefnarkle's "kobak 6 Janitors on Acid" it is a film shot entirely on 16 mm. we hope to get that project done at some point. i think we filmed that back in 2000. i am looking a little rough and rugged. 
i got an underwater housing for my little video camera. i hope to get some water shots tomorrow.

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