Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Josh Oldenburg 's Pig project

Josh sent me this via surfapig@live.com I checked out his blog. This project sounds interesting.
"Hi there, My name is Josh Oldenburg, I am a young shaper glasser out of San Diego.  I have been following your blog for a few months now and enjoy reading and viewing the materials on your posts. Recently I have taken on a project which we deemed "three little pigs", the inspiration for this project came from a 1960's era hobie that was purchased off a consignment rack a few years ago. I currently produce what interpret as a modern pig. However this project takes aim at emulating larger theories of the original pigs. Each pig will essentially have the same dimensions and rail design, but each bottom will be different from the next. One will feature a classic belly to roll v, another will have a strict nose concave to belly to roll v, and the last will have an exaggerated hull. The goal of this project is hone in on both the physical theories of the pig and personal preferences from one rider to the next. I will also be implementing a side art project that incorporates media prints as well as hand drawn art. The two create a unique multi layer effect. If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in please check out my blog for the first installment at
josholdenburgsurfboards.blogspot.com. There is also a web site josholdenburgsurfboards.com. I enjoy the blog, keep up the good work. Josh Oldenburg"        

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