Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Grant Newby's "the alley slider"!!!

grant sent this to me via surfapig@live.com
"Hi Mike, here is a couple of shots of a board I shaped for Christmas for myself. "The Alley Slider" ,  named after my local break and favouite Gold Coast beach. She is 10ft x 24" x 3 1/2" with the wide point 18" or more behind 1/2 way and a long concave running back to the wide point and a slight rolled v out through the kick in the tail. The rails are pinched but full as well to get the volume I was after. Nice glass job by Dan Mc Donald here on the Gold Coast. This board is so much fun to ride and seems to do everything I had hoped of it."

NICE ONE!!!   Thanks for the contribution Grant! Nice work!!
those shots of "the alley" made me think of some of Ron Stoner's shots (above) of Black's


  1. Hey this is my local Point break that I can walk to. I live 200 meters up the beach from the point on the beach. I also know Grant. This is where we will be rip shredding on our logs when you come out brohog.


  2. Had a test ride on the Alley Slider at its home break and had a great time. I'm not used to 10fters so I just used the black bit up the front. What a sweet ride.

  3. Adding this to get the photo up.