Monday, January 18, 2010

steve banks' Terry Martin PIG!

Steve Banks sent me this via
"hey mike, here are the picks of the board terry shaped for me.  9'8x16.5x22x16.5x3.25.  the fin is 8 inches tall and 10" wide at the base.  The board turns amazing, locks into the wave, gets going real parallel and feels solid on the nose.   the very tail of the board looked too big when i first saw it, but it really does some magic!  the pinlines were done by my buddy mike of embark studios in orange county! "

thanks for the contribution! 


  1. I surfed with this cat a few weeks ago at the barnyard and took a look-see of this sled in the lot... tis a very fine surfboard indeed.

  2. nice! can't go wrong with Terry Martin.