Monday, January 4, 2010


texas is such a great pig wave so many days of the year, yet so many people try to ride thrusters.


  1. I don't think the Balinese Room is even there anymore. My parents were in G-town last weekend for the first time since Ike and Katrina rocked the coast. They said you can not believe the damage. Galveston is still trashed.

  2. crazy.

    cann you imagine if you still lived on 34th or 33rd? how nutz would that be?

  3. The Balinese Room is no longer there.
    Check out for daily images of the island.

  4. Dirty, dirty bird.
    Sittin on a curb.
    Burpin and chirpin
    and eatin dirty earth worms.
    Along comes herbie
    from 33rd and 3rd.
    Boy, was he disturbed.

    Yeah man, 33rd St in between O and P. G-Town lokes! Ha ha. 61st Skins. Ha ha. That Galveston no longer exits. The lady who bought my house said they had 6ft of water inside during the storms. The house survived tho.