Sunday, May 23, 2010



  1. Damn I would like one of them darn Andreini Pigs. I can't wait to surf-----------I mean see this board when it's done. Oh yeah My piglet is great scored a dry back hand late drop Barrell on my first session. Not to sure with the fin yet may still Knock it off and put a "D" on it. Going to wait until I get it in some bigger stuff to see how the fin Drives before I take such measures.

  2. NICE!!!!!

    yep, to say I am full of anticipation is a fucking UNDERSTATEMENT. i rode my buddy's owl pig....and that shit fucked me up.

    i am bout to be shredding my balsa ( circa 1958) Velzy Jacobs. I am picking that up from John Cherry here real soon. John sprinkled some magic "wood chip" life dust on her.

    I am fucking psyched. I'll get on that VJ for a bit, then be shredding the Owl. Marc has mentioned that Owl being done in July.