Saturday, May 29, 2010

one of them days

i love surfing, and i love sliders point.
beautiful morning.
sun rises and the moon sets
there were some fun waves today. it was a drained tide, and seemed on the small side...
i had a beautiful FULL rail cutback, some nose rides and some super clean trim time.
slider...i slipped by on the nose on a few just like this.
crisp fin.
random math definition.

check the video out:


  1. Great photos and really dig the video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. cheers knots!

    thanks for the support and thanks for checking them out.

    it was just what the doctor ordered!

  3. Dude your blog gets better & better. As an aside: I'll be ordering a board from Tyler in a month or I'm torn - he makes a kool pig (a pintail never-- heard of that - but what do I know) or a noserider. But after seeing this I'm leaning towards the bacon.

  4. cheers Johnathan!

    I appreciate it. your stoke is stoking me out! send me pix.

    pin tails were done. i'd be stoked to see that!

    send me pix if and when that goes down!