Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cassanova and the Ben Mctavish pig!

Matt Plummer sent me this via"Gnar, Hey Mate here are some pics from my new 10 foot Pig. Ben Mctavish ( Bob's son) shaped this board for me and is inspired off a mix of an aussy style pig template combined with a more bladey rail of the later 60's. The fin is a 12" flex and the glass job was definitley inspired from Robin Kegel's radical styled free laps. Hope you enjoy the Pics and am looking forward to hanging out this next fall when I return home. I will let you know how she goes as soon as I wax her up and take a rip on it."Let's not forget why we're here" Mine the Stoke!!! Cassanova"
i get ultra psyched to see pics of a great buddy.
that template looks SSSIIICCKKK!!

i'm wondering what a D wold have been like on this beauty.. have the D on there for a while, then cut it down to the that as it may......i'll bet this thing is going to SSHHHRRREEEEEDDDD!
NICE! cass, it is great to hear from you. Please send me some pix of you owning the waves on that board!

"right on bro-hog, i'll be out in a sec!" BLAST IT!!!

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