Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eric Burns snapped this pic at ZJ's in Santa Monica

Eric Burns sent me this via
"Mike-Hey there. We don't know each other, but I've been a fan of surfapig
for a while.
Velzy with a laminate below the oval stating "Original Pig." I took this shot last week at the ZJ shop on Main St. in Santa Monica. Couldn't believe my eyes.
Next is Eddie Aikau at Waimea, early sixties on what is certainly a pig style (inspired) shape (in those days, as you know, this was a gun shape as well)The wood board is 47" long and either will become a skate or may only
be a show piece; I just haven't decided yet. It's something I made yes-
terday out of a piece of white pine I'd had for a while. Amber tinted resin.
Kind of a cross between a pig and a Phil Edwards-type shape. "
eric surfing the bu.
checkk this on swaylocks

Congrats on the Blackboard and keep up all the good work with the site. Eric Burns El Lay"

thanks for the contribution Eric! thanks for the support!

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