Sunday, May 23, 2010

"transworld surf" reviews Jazz the Glass!

jon steele knows the fellows (chris c and crew) over at transworld. they gave us some time the other day. STOKED!!! jon has been such a great friend and such a great source of inspiration. jon's surf videography in Jazz has made it the surf film it is. CHEERS BREW!


  1. R00lz!

    What would it take to come up to SF for a screening?

  2. CG,

    cheers. right would take ...I DON'T KNNOW WHAT!

    i have so much going on...i would love to have a show at the red vic or something..maybe the Roxie..

    i am thinking a year from now, maybe a double feature INVASION! and Jazz. that would be INSANE.

    thanks CG!