Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i have always wanted to try a fin like this. i almost ordered my bing with one of these. this is an Owl.
concerning the fin above ...i received and email from tim out of the UK via surfapig@live.com he had actuall saved some photos from my blog, or he had some photos of marc with a board that had a fin like the one above (actually ...i think it is the same board)...i am not really sure what the deal is with the pictures...here they are:

in his email me , he asked me what the deal was with the fin. so i emailed marc. below is the email exchange between tim and I and marc: Hi Mike ,I've just checked your blog and wanted to say that I saw this a while back and haven't been able to get it out of my head since . If you can find anything out about the fin idea I would love to hear it . Loving the blog , keep it up .Tim then i asked marc and he responded: These are life's most important questions! That board is a replica of my OWL from 65'. The board is still a basic pig with a "D" fin. However, hollowing out the center was an early attempt to reduce area. It proved to much work for the shop and the "Dolphin" style fin quickly became standard on all mid 60's boards shortly after. They are called a "Flo-Thru Fin" and they worked excellent. They feel like a D fin but go through the soup better and actually release coming out of a turn. I still use them on occasion! below is that andreini i posted up here earlier. this is the (lack of ) rocker profile of that board.
the below picture is the same one the masked dude is holding. where as the first picture is an entirely different board. CRAZY!!

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