Friday, June 11, 2010

ah, yes.

so i received an email from a kid named cheyne skasick. the title was "thought you'd appreciate this." turns out he was right. first, a little back story: i lived in huntington beach for 5 years (2000 - 2005). i listened to slayer,mason jennings and the White Buffalo. i surfed logs at NORTHSIDE! i was first exposed to Terry Martin's shapes then. since then , I have seen some collaborations of his with John Cherry and Tyler Warren. thank goodness cheyne came across this blog. so STOKED! check it out. sent via Just had this 9'9 1958 model "malibu chip" shaped by terry at his house about a month ago. My friend steve banks introduced me to Terry knowing that I'm lost in his era and that I'd appreciate the experiance. I went to his house and it was such a humbling experiance. We spent about 2 hours shaping the board. It probably woulda only taken Terry 45 mins but we got cought up in talking about the good old days which me being 25 never saw. Then we talked cars do to me mentioning my model A late 40s style lakes RPU. One of the nicest, neatest old men I've ever came across. The board is glassed with full 10 oz volan with a deck and tail patch. I had Bashams glass in a captain fin co volan D fin and the colors match perfectly. Its all sand finish with just Terrys signature running along the 3/4 stringer. the board is beautiful and timeless but the experience with Terry was unforgettable. enjoy Cheyne Skasick costa mesa CA

costa mesa has some LEGIT shit going on. believe it.