Monday, June 28, 2010

The asymmetry of Carl Ekstrom

this board reminds me of my bing 2680.
this board is asymmetrical on purpose, where as my bing 2680 is that way due to: "it gets around".
rob from royal surfboards sent this to me.

ps - you may also like this Nelson/Ekstrom I picked up from a guy in OB SD before I left the US. Picked it up for $150 rode it all that summer, and when I brought it in to Channin's to fix it - I was working there for a while - they all blew a nut over it. Again, super fun piggy, with reverse cut fin, and asym tail...


  1. Assymetricality makes me want to run straight off a cliff.

  2. While reading meters for SDG& E in 1998, I came across a ten foot, 3 stringer, asymmetrical tail Carl Ekstrom in someone's yard. A little beat, I gave a kid $25 for it. Gave Joe Roper $100 to clean it up. It now hangs in my garage. I would love to hear what Carl thought of it.