Saturday, June 12, 2010

bing 2680 seaworthy.

so, as i have mentioned Steve H gave me his old bing pig. I have been working and working on it.
here are some of the pictures i took as i hacked away at this beater.
after spending about 20 hours making mistakes, and getting discouraged i have made some progress.
this board will be a great rider.
i would never have bought this board, nor would i have paid to get it seaworthy.
i wasn't going to try to make it fancy...i just wanted to freshen it up enough for some more riding.
that is what i have done.
i hope to get my new fin here shortly.
it was a strange experience. the more time i spent, the more i wanted to make it nicer than i had originally intended. however, the more time i spent , the more problems i found.
the logo
below is one of the fins Bing said it should have. as I mentioned, Adam is working on it. Our COOPERFISH BLACKBOARD fin is similar to this fin.
this is the other fin Bing said might have originally been on it. I have never cared much for the aesthetic of wood fins. it's just not my deal. i surf near cobble stones.
i still need to knock the black modified fin off and put whatever fin i end up with on it. i asked bing: "who shaped this board?" he replied: The board would have been shaped by myself, Dick Mobley or his brother John Mobley. We didn't sign the boards back then... just numbers. Bing


  1. Whats Adam up to these days, miss that crazy cat!!

  2. i'm just getting to know him. i'll tell him you were wandering.

  3. Mike, Is that the original fin that someone has turned into a cutaway, or was it put on later?
    I'm sure she is loving all the attention. it'll be fun to put her into her glide. JC

  4. Better seaworthy than pretty.

    Oh hey, our boards are 19 apart (3 days!):

  5. CG...NICE!!! that is EPIC.

    John..I am not sure. the base has seen better days. if i had to guess i'd say it isn't the original fin. whatever it is... it has been cutaway. maybe it is the original fin that was knocked off at some point then put back on after it had been cutaway. it looks as if it is a fin that was put after some catastrophe.