Sunday, June 13, 2010

mike's andreini pig.

this is what this blog is all about. michael sent this to me to me via Hi Mike Well - this beautiful board was brought to my attention by your good self on jam longboards a few weeks back- i spoke to marc about it and as ever he was very helpful. Despite the cost to ship to the UK I went ahead and it now sits in my garden after it's second session out - WOW! As promised a quick write up and a few pics. First session ankle to knee high and clean but didn't learn a great deal about it except that it is a refined beast and will go well in the small stuff. Today was another story - 4.30 a.m. and out at our east coast reefs in the UK it was head high plus and glassy perfection - me and 2 friends with no one else out - this board is amazing - the drive from the fin is just incredible - turns are smooth like butter - pivots excuisitely - it's got a wonderful glide to it - just everything i could ask - I make no excuse - i was whooping on pretty much every wave - a true kook but loving every minute - i think my friends understood what was going on. This is my second Owl pig - the first i bought second hand and whilst i loved it - at 9'11 it was just too much board for me at 5'9 and 150lbs. I've since been looking (nearly 2 years now!) for the perfect replacement and at last here it is - 9'5 by 22 - 3" thick with thin (not pinched) rails - it just feels SO right - Marc Andreini is (in my opinion) the most under rated shaper around - he just seems to get it so so right. Looking forward to seeing yours when it's completed. All the best, Michael

holy chit!