Friday, June 11, 2010


summer is here. today marks the beginning of a CRAZY summer for me. there is so much change right in front of me...there is only one thing to do. BLAST IT!!!
lets get radical.
(check that D fin out on that pintail above the dude in the back of the top picture! how sexy is the girl with her straps hanging this way and that?)


  1. Hey Mike, The round-pintail in the late 20's panel truck looks a lot like the one Josh is holding. I've seen a few older ones in the past like it. I just glued up that 9-9B blank with the 3" balsa stringer. I haven't templated it yet. I was torn between a classic pig like your VJ and another reproduction of my 62 Hobie shop model with the 4-1/2" tail block. It was going to be a squeeze to get the pig tail on the blank and still end up with a 9-7 (what I want). I think I just solved my dilema. Round pin pin

    Im getting ready to glue up the solid balsa blank for the VJ reproduction that we talked about, using some of my ultralight balsa. STOKED!

    Lovin' your artistic blog bro, JC

  2. JC,

    holy shit! sick.

    keep me updated. i have been really enjoying that VJ. I can't thank you enough. your stoke stokes me.

    please take some pix of your goings on. i'd be honored to post em up here!