Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gerry Kantor and vintage surf footage.

i am super stoked to get contributions from time to time. it is my saving grace. contributions from others is what keeps me motivated with this blog. I was so stoked Gerry reached out to me a while ago with that san o surf footage. the choice of music and the nature of the footage..a true honor to have him post that stuff on youtube, much less bring it to my attention. thank you Gerry. check this out. here is what Gerry said: I think I was 15 in this, maybe 15 1/2, couldn't drive yet. I think it was spring. My dad is filming in 8mm from the jetty rocks in the fg. This wave is a left, so the ones going right are going right toward the rocks, just out of frame. No cords, big boards, no one out even though it's a Saturday when my dad is off work. Notice I am wearing a vest wetsuit, the first surfing wetsuits. Thought was that you had to be able to move your arms and legs in surfing, so you didn't want too much rubber. Last wave at the jetty, you will see that I am no longer wearing it, but the guy floating over the shoulder is wearing it. That's my younger brother, who paddled out and was cold, so I loaned it to him. Or maybe we shared it. Can't remember. In any case, I was already warmed up. The second segment, Right Break, is about 200 yards north of the jetty. Again, no one out. I actually surfed this first, warmed up, then moved over by the jetty rocks. Surfing in this is pretty conservative, because if you lost your boards, it might get dinged up in the rocks, or at the least, there was a fairly long cold water swim.
here is the video.
check out Gerry's website


  1. Do you know where i can get cheap-ish 8mm surf films to watch at home? i love the vintage films but can only find the Jon Severson film which is 200+ dollars

  2. Probably nowhere as all old surf movies are in 16mm, so if there is any 8mm, it's all old home movies like the above. I am going to start selling old 8mm on vintagesurfmovies.com as a digital download, but how can I sell stuff that I already put out for free? Might make the whole batch into one movie and sell it there, for cheap on paypal.