Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ryan Lovelace 10' dbowls

ryan sent me these photos via surfapig@live.com: the surfing community is stoked to have people like Ryan. this board is just screaming "what do you think I am going to turn like?"
what do you think i am going to slide through the water like?
where will my trim spot be?
i can just imagine this thing sliding across empty glassy point surf, that type of surf where you can hear every thing, and it sounds like nothing.
below is what ryan had to say:
Heyo! i've been enjoying the rising of the pig movement lately, it's a trip to see the trends and the people leading them...i think you fit the bill on this one! i thought i would send along some pics of a custom i just finished up today...she belongs to a cat named Sean Mercer in the PNW; its a 10'er and i couldnt be much more pleased with it...have a look and bloggify it if its worthy! -Ryan


  1. this long looks very nice! nice lines, really nice colour and great drawing detail!

  2. the last photo on the bottom, it looks like the board is 8 foot. Like an 8 foot one of these boards might be a nice ride.

  3. Makes me wished I had pinched the rails more on the board I made for NZ. I wanted to try 50/50's again after making a few boards that were pinched. I realized I still dig'em pinched!! It's rad to see a "10'er" from Ryan, the guy turns our some rad shapes.

  4. Greg, Ryan is in the midst of finishing a 9'6" balsa like this. How about that? FEE-YUCK!

    I personally like a full rail on pigs...not a baseball, rather closer to a golf / racket ball. I used to get all my cooperfish with pinched rails, but once I back got on the D fin, narrow nose, wide point aft, bellied goodness I've been on more of a full rail