Thursday, April 22, 2010

a few boards!

Arthur Curtis out of long beach sent me this one via
"This is a 10 foot pig made by Billy Lemire of Seal Beach Ca. Check out his site Arthur Curtis.

paul smith of glide surfboards out of ireland sent this to me via surfapig: "Hi mike

Heres another that just went out today 10’0 –22 – 3” People are really getting into pigs now!!"

I am stoked to have this site be a place where people submit their creations. its an honor. i hope that people are able to see more of what is out there this way. this site has impacted my understanding of what is going on out there. i still haven't quite figured out what the definition of a "pig" is. paul's creation is a beauty. the work on the deck is intricate to be certain. I would like to see this board shot from above or shot from the nose. I have never seen a 2 + 1 set up on a pig design. great contribution paul. keep them coming.

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