Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the veezel and blackstoke's sliders session 4/6/10

zine death veezel undst i vent surfing ...YAH! what? my first wave i found a little tunnel. NICE!! then ...mey next wave i swam. NOT NICE!! then on some subsequent waves i was cutting back, nose riding, and curl shooting!!! ultra nice!! its nice to surf with friends, its nice to live near a good wave. its nice to have a good board you know and trust. its nice to be a surfer. its nice when things are nice. NICE!!

veezel was surfing this board today. what a trip. Ryan Engle made this board, his wife bought a raffle ticket and won the board back...fair and square. how sick is that? FATE. now the VEEZEL is shredding it.
jon is from TEXAS. HEARD DAT?!
the below video is a shakey little sneak peak into this morning's session. have patience...toward the end there is a NICE cracker!

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