Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sliders sequence from richard holcombe

cooperfish blackboard cutting back at sliders point.


  1. back in late Dec. I was holding onto this sequence nifferen Gene or Ryan wanted to use it for something. We are finished with the 10 page slide article, and Gene has submitted his ad. I BLAST IT!! BLAST IT!! BLAST IT!! on surfapig.

    ohh the narcissism!

  2. Good work buddy boy. Been enjoying. I have a piglet over here being glassed as we speak so I will make sure to send you pics. She was shaped by Bob Mctavish's son Ben and is known as the involvement shape which falls around the latter 60's with foiled rails and long flex fin---Not of the "D" fin pig style maybe a bastard red headed step child piglet.


  3. NICE!!!!

    is that "sam" style? that is what it is sounding like to me.

    either way..i'm looking forward to it. UUUHHH!!!