Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bernadine Bones a Rooster Pud

The Rev. Speefnarkle wrote:

Bernardine Bones A Rooster Dick

It was a dark and greasy night. Bernardine finished boning a coal miner.
“You can leave the money next to my bagel,” she said.
The coal mined droppped four crumpled dollars and walked out the door. Bernardine took a shit and pissed out the dusty wad. She looked in the mirror an reapplied her lip stick.
“You are an amazing hooker,” she said in the mirror. “You provide excellent service.”
The next john knocked.
“Come in.”
Don Pud walked in and dropped his pants. There was a rooster head instead of a dick.
“Sorry sir,” she said. “I don’t do cocks.”
“Rooster dick.”
“I don’t service men with rooster dicks. Wanda down the hall can help you.”
“I got a hundred dollars if you can make this old bird chirp.”

“Let’s see the money first.”
Don Pud pulled out a thick roll of bills and peeled off two fiftys. He draped them over his dick.
“Ok. I’ll tug it, smoke it, and bury it. But don’t stuff it in my butt.”
“That’s fine,” said Don Pud.
Bernardine pressed play on the ghetto blaster.
Sade started singing. Bernardine slowly crawled over to Don Pud.
The rooster’s eyes flipped open.
It started chirping.
Don Pud flicked it on the beak.....

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