Monday, April 12, 2010

random old school stuff

texas a and m galveston. circa 91 keith commander watching. christian fletcher came to galveston with curtis wheeler around this time. curtis called me and asked me where to take christian to skate. i brought him to this little ramp that was on campus.
texas a and am corpus. riding a mini bike on the sea wall. checking the surf at the "condos" 1995
me, chizel dick and tate. chizel dick over dosed on oxycontin since this photo was taken. that sucked ass. we had been chopping wood all day at my parents ranch. 2002 ish
david potter and i were unloading my van after the hurley INVASION! show. circa 2007


  1. Serious. that was us. Galveston. That really happened.

  2. hey Haole, did you wear "mandles" then too, or is it just a math guy thing? Loving the handlebars on the little bike and the stale fish air Mikey.