Thursday, April 29, 2010

slide magazine and SURF A PIG!!!

i have some photos that i will be posting up between now and late may/early june (that is when the 10 page article hits!!!) these photos and what not are what is left out of the slide article. I can't express how honored I was to get a chance to discuss board design and functionality to so many influential surfers and craftsmen. communication sure is easy with stuff like the internet , cell phones, and events like sacred craft. bing copeland made this "pig" logo from one of his BING logos and sent it to me a while back. bing sent me the other photos as well. surfing was different back when the two older photos were taken. the yellow velzy pig Bing is holding is the board he took to new zealand. he said it was an emotional experience to be around the board again. the bing book is a great buy. they approached surfing different back then.