Thursday, April 15, 2010


i took this "frame grab" from invasion's Rincon scene. it is the water footage that ben barnick shot. it has that "free and easy" feel to it. i am riding a board steve brom shaped.
below is a sketch for the "stoke films" logo. i thought it would be a good idea.
the photo below is super classic. i was all proud of getting "sponsored" by FRINGE. Shane at FRINGE is an amazing guy. that company has bee so supportive over the years. i had just drooped by Gene's shop to pick up this pupo. I ride this board quite a bit in Jazz. this board works so well, the color work is crazy. this thing is 9' i think. i think i had just recently been to visit my parents at their ranch. either that , or i was just sporting that skull cover. either way, looking at the photo now is funny. it almost has this "village people cowboy" look to it.


  1. Will the real ' village people cowboy' please stand up ?

  2. right.

    i am stoked on his rantings. it seems the vilage people cowboy has roy shut up for now. its funny that roy can be tamed by the likes of a homophobic troll.