Saturday, August 7, 2010

breast feeding.

well, today is Saturday. my wife is ready to give birth to Violet Black. Violet is due Monday 8/9/10. My mom flies in today to give us back up. NICE!!! fatherhood couldn't come at a better time in life. In lieu of shark week, sliders point's recent shark sightings, and all the breast feeding in my wife's future... i came up with this design. too perfect!


  1. Congratulations, I have raised five of them and they all surf really good. But, they freaking snake me all the time so I just get in the van, split , and make them walk home! I get no respect.

  2. congrats bud im gettin ready to eat some pizza port and drink some wine all the while watching invasion of planet C with the lady

  3. cheers kid!

    nice one Cheyne! surprised you aren't washing that pizza down with some "pseudo"!