Monday, August 23, 2010

can't beat it.

i can't believe where life has taken me. i don't know how i have dodged all the bullets i have. most of the time i feel like i don't deserve the privileged life i live. i'll take it...and i'll fight to keep it...but got damn! am i stoked! this new flex is definitely suited to my surfing style.
look ma! i'm an artist. the blurry foreground gives it that "texture" that is so trendy right now. i shot this with my phone. it has resin on the lens from when i took a call during the repair session for "esmeralda". speaking of which...give me my board back SMUKES!
pre session quick snap.
i thought i get radical and try to find my way to a different spot today. well i found it...and then i quickly realized why i surf sliders and not "not sliders".


  1. is that the basic "ice" flexpig color? or is it something else meeting up with gene today to give a deposit!

  2. Standard issue! You are stoked! This board is amazing. Its a luxurious ride. Like a Cadillac or something. smooth.

  3. what exactly is a flex pig, mike? pls elaborate
    hot as fuck up here and south swell showing,.. sunday was glassy and tit high
    tomorrow looks excellent
    but i've been riding the swt mostly

  4. The flex pig is a stringerless blackboard. These blackboards have some '56 velzy dna in them. Its tow weight foam. Probably the same float as balsa, just more flexible. I think the board nose rides better than any of my other boards. I own the velzy these boards are modeled after. Is it the flex? I don't fucking know. Is it the weight? Maybe. I believe when you keep the tail down the nose stays up. This board is a different ride than any thing I have been on. It takes some thought. When I just relax and let this board speak to me, I end up having some great waves. I love the challenge / reward relationship this board is laying down.

  5. Oh yea. Its hot as fuck here too. And glassy. It was kook city at sliders today.