Wednesday, August 4, 2010

George and the 9-6 SRH Pig!

george sent me this via

Hi Mr Black, You may recall the 11-2 pig by Scott Raymond Henry that I sent you a couple months back. Well, here's the mini-me version of that board, at 9-6. Same handmade reverse D fin, same heavy volan lamination, same all-business sanded finish. The differences on this one is that the tail is a little wider (19"), the nose is a touch narrower (16.5") and there's a bit of concave in the nose. BTW, the 11-2 turned out to be a surprisingly versatile board. My son says it's a great cross between a traditional pig and a mini-glider. I even saw him do a bit of an airdrop and get a head dip on it with an overhead wave at Swamis. He's a big fan of your blog and he's trying to figure out a way to share a session with you at your spot. Kudos on your blog. Cheers, GDaddy

what a template!

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