Thursday, August 26, 2010

platty giving us some mid length education!

platty sent me this via Hi Mike. Here are some images and measurements of some boards from the transition period in regard to the Wayne Lynch inspired mid length pig.

Image 1.

Left to right.

Gordon Woods. 8’x 24 ½” N 19” T 18 ½” wide point 3” behind midpoint.

Gordon Woods. 7’6” x 22 ¼” N 18” T 15 ¼” wide point 5 ¼” fwd of midpoint.

Keyo Plastic Machine. 8’2” x 24 ¼” N 18 ½” T 18” wide point 4” behind midpoint.

Although the board in the middle has its wide point fwd, it is of the era and is an example of where shapes were heading.

Image 2

You can see that there is a hint of the pig in the two longer boards.

Image 3

This was part of an article McTavish wrote in the 70’s called “Pods for Primates.”

Image 4

The foils in these boards are similar to the V- bottoms they replaced. The Keyo and the longer Woods are almost identical. The shorter Woods has a flatter rocker.

Image 5 & 6

I thought I’d throw these photos in. As far as I can gather there was a fork in the road of sorts during this period of design, were one group went down the Pocket Rocket and Tracker path ( images 5 & 6 ) led by McTavish first shaping Trackers for Morey Pope in California in early 68, and then in Australia on his return.

The other path was perused by John Arnold and Wayne Lynch. Other manufactures also focused on the shapes featured. But by 69 even the Arnold / Lynch outline was becoming more like the Pocket Rocket but with a less pulled in tail. Then by 1970 it seems that the two groups came together again, going super short, all be it for a short period of time before being shocked into adding some length after Rolf Aurness won the world title in that year in Victoria, Australia surfing a 7’ plus round pintail.

Regards, platty.

thank you PLATTY!

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