Friday, August 27, 2010

greg pearson, and the stoke mine.

greg pearson is a stoke miner, and a stoke provider. a wax comb in of itself is some what nominal, perhaps trivial... even a wax comb made from recycled plastic. but, the facts need a wax comb. how many times have you needed to strip the shity wax off your log and searched high and low for a comb? i have done it more times than i care to admit. just recently i used a broken fcs fin i found in the lagoon at sliders for my make shift comb. greg took it upon himself to send me a care package. NICE!!!! i have to say, i will be sharing the stoke to my buddies. nice work greg!


  1. Hey Mike! What kind of board is that with the offset stringer? Nice. Cool site and can't get enough of Jazz the Glass. I saw the Violet board at Sacredcraft and put in a order of my own with Gene. Stoked!

  2. hey rich!

    that off set stringer is on my bing. matt calvani shaped it just over a year ago.

    you made a solid call ordering a flex. man, i can't get enough of the glide on this thing. it is such SMOOTH ride. keep me posted. send me some pics when you grab it.