Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gerry Kantor and vintage surf footage.

Gerry Kantor gave me the heads up on some more footage he just posted. I absolutely dig the stuff he provides! dig the tunes! Thanks Gerry! the description follows:My younger brother and I were in this contest. He made it through his first heat and had a second heat. I lost my first heat. My brother and I were walking around South Mission when we saw a poster advertising this surf contest on a telephone pole. The entry was something like $5, and you had to be under 14. We were relieved that we made the age quailfication. We went and got our dad, showed him the poster, and were stoked when he said we could do it, he would pay the entry. Money was tight in those days. I lost the first heat of the first contest I was ever in, which discouraged me from contests ever since.
more from Gerry!

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  1. that's me ripping in the top photo. I want competition band trunks like I had back then. Thanks very much Mike for posting this. My friends watch this footage and say I was robbed. I should have won this heat. Poor surf contest judging at an early age ruined my life. "I could'a been a contender"