Monday, August 2, 2010

smukes , i and sliders today

summer is here. i think i'd rather watch a morbidly obese person eat a twinky than see another chubby dude flap their arms on a thruster. thankfully those dudes believe a "thruster" is what they should ride. i suspect this time of year brings these dudes to the point.
i am getting my new sled dialed in. this board likes to go. great pig waves today. check the video!


  1. video shout out. . .
    hope you got one for me!

  2. Saw you get a nice one on the inside. Board looked quite fast down the line. Nice fly-a-way kickout.

  3. Cheers Richard. The board seems fast to me. When I was getting changed I saw the cleanest ones inside.

  4. Aye! Cheers to you too. We may have been the only ones out there without leashes and fullsuits. The board did look like it flowed well. Inside was where it was at. I unfortunately was up in the flap zone on my twin keel. I had a Hobie "pig' in the eighties that I left down at the beach for use each day because of weight (weights a good thing). Sure wish I still had it. Keep on truckin'!