Sunday, July 12, 2009

A velzy in Kona and a link to info on Dale

 craigslist hawaii:

All Original VELZY PIG Vintage Surfboard:

"This is one beautiful surfboard. The "Pig," was originally handrafted by the late great Dale Velzy and was first produced in 1965, but I believe mine to be a 80's Pig Model. All white pigmented top & bottom, glosscoat, gorgeous 9" mohagany wood fin, handcrafted by Velzy himself, along with a 6 1/2"X 1 1/2" mohagany wood tailblock to boot. This board is all original, not restored, solid and beautiful. It does have a few small dings here and there, but nothing that couldn't be fixed rather easily. 

Surfboard dimentions are as follows: 7' 11 1/8"X 23"X 3 1/4" 

Price is $1350 for this work of art. 

Email me at with any questions that you might have. God Bless Dale Velzy and his Ohana, the surfing world lost a great man, master shaper, surfer, and incredible craftsman, when we lost Dale Velzy. Peace & aloha, 

Tim "

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