Sunday, July 19, 2009

every body is working for the weekend!

sunday summer time at sliders point. I slept in today and yawn patrolled it. it was a lazy day out there. told some jokes and slid some waves. here are a few of the "king of pop" jokes floating around:
1) did you know michael died of food poisoning? he ate an 8 year old wiener and a 13 year old nut.
2) farah faucet died. when she got to heaven they told her she was such an inspiration and that she had done such a great job when she was alive. they asked her if there was anything she would like done. she said "sure please keep all the children of the world safe."
3) you know how michael had so much plastic surgery? now that he has passed away they are going to melt him down and make leggos out of him. that way the kids can play with him.i considered posting the loverboy album cover image that host the "every body is working for the weekend" song. i just couldn't do it. it is just too much.

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