Saturday, July 4, 2009


Tim speaks on it below:
"Owl Surfboards are a huge part of Marc Andreini's surfing DNA. From hanging out with his brother Pete at the Owl shop in Summerland, getting his first custom board from Owl in 1963, to representing Owl Surfboards up and down the Santa Barbara coast as a team rider, to eventually building the boards! Marc was there through it all and he's still there, building these beautiful Owl replicas."

Marc surfing for Owl at a local Stanley's contest.

When I was able to speak with Marc at some length after seeing (and lusting after) this "Golden Log" at the recent Ventura Sacred Craft Show, he was able to convey to utter joy of riding one of these boards again after so many years. The traits and nuanced characteristics of this design have to be experienced to fully understand. Andreini is one of the most truly skilled, experienced board builders in the world. For me the qualifier for a shaper is the ability to be open to and be able to make any type of board. With a planer. From a raw blank. There's not that many out there. You have to haved spanned a few generations and design eras to absolutely understand the different boards. And add on to that the passion for these somewhat obscure genres. Marc has made me Vaqeros that are the result of 35 years of refining that type of craft. The boards are flawless but certainly not for everyone. Which brings me back to my new Andreini Owl replica. It's been 45 years since I've ridden a board like this one but in the last two days of first trial week it feels like I've come home. The weight, rocker and plan shape put you in a different part of the wave. Up tight and high on the face, right in the curl line. And unlike a wider "nose rider" outline, the speed and trim is mind blowing. Once again I have to say that these boards are not for everyone. They really are not that "user friendly" in a modern long board sense, the learning curve is steeper. But like most things that are a little out of step and closer to "pure", the rewards are great. I'm stoked!!! Surf A Pig ....... Some Andreini links:
THANKS TIM!! Below are pictures of this "Golden Log"! SO NICE!! I surf with Tim. I find myself staring at that board often. It is 9'10" X 22"

Tim also has this "Son of Sam" replica I shot.

Thank you for sharing TIM!!!


  1. WOW! And I was thinking of selling my Andreini. Time to reconsider. Question: what kind of fin is that on the Son of Sam? Thanks!

  2. Gnar....i rode Honey Bear's Owl spoon that Marc shaped him at Capitola last week and came back to NY and ordered of the best logs I've had under my feet!

  3. Now I heard that!!! That board of Tim's is SUPER CLEAN!! this new JP I have been shredding has me thinking of this golden log a lot less. thankfully.