Monday, July 20, 2009


Mango Bill from brought this Jacobs to my attention. Thanks mango bill!! the ebay link. the description is below:
"a second owner 1964-65 custom ordered Jacobs surfboard signed for me by Hap Jacobs. I want to thank Hap Jacobs for taking the time to sign this surfboard and my 1950`s and 60`s surfing movie poster collection out of the back of my van. He was shaping on a balsa board when I interrupted him to sign this board. He was extremely nice and told me this was a custom ordered 9' 8" with a 2 inch balsa stringer with 1/4 inch redwood stringers on each side of the balsa stringer.. It is around 21 3/4" wide and 3 3/8" thick. Also this board has a wooden tail block with a beautiful custom wood fin. It is serial #1989 from around 1964 or 1965. This board has almost no sun fading since it was hardly ridden and stored in a garage since 1966. It has some small zippered nose damage on the bottom front nose area but none on the top. I left that alone to leave everything 100% original. Not even a buffing wheel has touched this board. It also has several small chips on the rails and tail block area, but nothing major. No bubbles or delaminating on either side of the board or anywhere. This is a perfect wall hanger for the office or your home. This board may seem more expensive than others on ebay, but its because it has custom ordered features like the wooden tail block, 3 stringer configuration with 2 inch balsa center stringer, beautiful wood fin, also its a two owner surfboard stored in a garage since 1966. Plus Hap Jacobs took time away from shaping a balsa board he was working on to autograph this one. Thanks again Hap."

this board is sick. why do these kooks say its perfect for "hanging?"  I got an idea: its perfect for SURFING. 


  1. Ummm... F U C K! Tell me you bought this Gnar.

  2. nope. i got other chit i am spending money on. but got DAM she is nice!

  3. "'s perfect for SURFING!"

    That's my favorite part about this blog. YES. These boards/shapes are best appreciated in water, on waves.