Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pontificate and Craigslist

We have been super stoked over here in my neck of the woods. Great surf for the second part of last week. Yesterday was thick with kooks (especially bardzillians!) but still there were beautiful waves to be found. I have been riding various pig shape boards. My current sled is keeping me well entertained.

 I am beginning to feel the differences in design elements between pig shapes. May you find yourself in the pocket on the nose or on the rail.

Below is a craigslist post I thought nice. The price is ABSURD but the board looks NICE! 

Vintage Wardy 1960 surfboard

"Very Nice Wardy 9.0 this board is part of my personal collection and is not easy to part with. It is a true 60's board, A Wardy like this, in this condition is very hard to come by.  It has never been reconditioned and has a small amount of wear. Small amount of delameinating on the stringer some normal yellowing of foam."

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