Wednesday, July 1, 2009

G & S 1960's

David Brandt sent me this via

"Hi there, 

My neighbor was going to send this to the trash and I rescued it.  Trying to decide about repairing or restoring it.  It's 9'8.  Looks like kind of a hull shape on the bottom is that typical of these pigs?  I surf up in Norcal but don't know too much about these old boards.  It is a cool score.  Nice blog I enjoyed it.  Thanks.  Dave"

NICE SCORE DAVID!! I have an old tanker I used to surf a ton. Tyler fixed it up nice for me. I am calling go on repair! Dave wrote more after I posted this. Its below
"Yeah it definitely has a convex bottom with a belly.  I related to your postings when you were saying you look at these types of boards at first and think they will be very clunky.  Great to see in fact they are great if done well. I was kind of on the fence about it before I saw your blog,  But now I am inspired to get this thing in the water.  One guy here was going to take it down to the foam and redo with the same style for $3k!  Too much, and I want to preserve as much original as I can.  So I think I will get another guy to just repair it with a neutral color where it needs fixing for a few hundred instead.  Thanks again for the inspiration and info - you are right there is not much online to learn about them.  I'll let you know when I can get it in the water hopefully this summer while the waves are mellow.  Dave"


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