Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My new (to me) Jim Phillips Pig!!!

This JP pig is legit. So clean and so functional. Very loose when I am back on the tail and very stable when I am on the nose. What more can you ask for? Ohh! did I forget to mention its fast. Yeah. Its a fast board. I was on the nose in a cheater 5, put my head down and trusted the board to make it through the section. I made sections I wasn't making on other boards. I was recovering from turns very smoothly. I was worried I might trade a perfectly functioning board for an unproven surf craft. The weight and balance of this board is AWESOME. I am lucky. SUPER NICE!!! I am so excited to push this board.

Thank you Jim Shank and Jim Phillips!!


  1. Jim the Genius does it again, well done mikey.

  2. Looks like a sweet ride! Very nice!

  3. I'm so happy you're stoked. I hope the board serves you well for years to come!

    I'm probably going to order a smaller one with a fin box.