Friday, July 31, 2009


BJ of FINELINE SURFBOARDS sent me this via NICE ONE!!! Thank you Brian for sharing. That ride looks clean and sweet. 
Howdy Gnar;
I've re-booted the ANT- my OG carving pig. From the original nine-year-old idea, I've kept most of the template concepts, but I brought the nose back in- I only widened it for SB year 2000 wide-nose madness. I've revamped the bottom and rocker to true carving spoon dimensions, and I keep a bit more rail volume in the final inch of the rail for a bit more pivot and forgiveness when it's going slower than it would like to, but it's the same carving rail volume entry from the deck and the bottom, if you can visualize that. It's not so much a spoon, as it is an S-deck, with only the last three feet losing the volume, rather than four+, and without a defined step. Pure spoon nose, of course- no concave. It's getting raves from the carving crew, but some of the feedback I get tells me that they're feeling more piggishness than spoon-ness, in terms of what they're liking. They're puzzled that they can nose-ride it, among other things. This one is 9'1. 16 3/4 x 22 5/8 x 16 x 3 1/8. Small board for a solid guy, who knows what's what, glassed light, for a whip-ass ride. Thought you'd be interested to see it. Ciao, BJ


  1. I'm thinking a Lagging Larry Allison volan pivot
    9.5 for a good general ride, a 10.0 Liddle or one of those new Paul Gross things for a more pivoty feel, but I'd really love to try a Rainbow front-tab cutaway D- hard to find, but I bought a dozen of 'em a few years back, and I hoarded a couple. BJ

  2. I had to threaten violence to get Kirk to give this one up. BJ