Thursday, August 27, 2009

CCOPERFISH claendar made love to a pig device?

This warrants an explanation. Back when I first announced "Jazz the Glass" on swaylocks (you have to scroll down a bit) some internet person (boardman) wrote an entry where they mentioned "Jizz the Grass". A funny and kind of sick (in a gross way) play on words. Then over on some internet person (DP Raker) post a link to the image below. Too funny! That site is clever too. You can just fill in whatever words you want into the word boxes. Some internet person calling them self "Planet see" apparently made the one below.(click on the picture to blow it up enough to read the words!) The reference to "How's November?" at the end of the comic is a mention of the November COOPERFISH calendar model I'd guess. Maybe...just maybe, this guy knows something about the FUTURE!! HA HA HA HAAA!!(thats a laugh like a mad scientist might make)

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