Monday, August 31, 2009

sliders on a bing gettin photo'd

It has been a great summer over here at sliders. Those of us that surf this wave are lucky. I am one of the lucky 3,476 that surf here every day. The past couple of days (8/29, 8/30) have been photographed by Bruno Teixeira. Bruno doesn't have a web page (he does have an email email him and see if he has a shot of you!). He takes good photos though. He shot something like 101 photos of me at sliders yesterday and the day before. I will be getting them later today and posting some of the choice ones up as I see fit. It is a weird thing though. It makes me feel like I am trying to inflate my ego. Its my blog and I am posting picture of me surfing. My name is Mike not Narcissus. However, if some of this blue and green planet's occupants would send me there pig surfing photos I'd be post them up too ..or maybe instead!
At any rate I am super excited to have the photos. They are awesome and they are the first shots I have of me on my glorious BING Pig . I took the above photos with my chitty phone camera. Its a trip to see how the wave looks when you have a proper camera. GET THE LOGS READY!!


  1. Why, you just dig your get up Cap'n that's all. Anyone has a beef with Blackstoke has a beef with "The Ridged" and they can eat a bowl a dicks!

  2. chah!! bozak the rigid gets DOWN!!! aint no pogie safe with bozak runnin free!!!