Sunday, August 23, 2009

Velzy on craigslist

My buddy Phil of slider's sent me this. I don't know anything about the logo. Here is how the description reads: "Vintage 1960 signed Dale Velzy Longboard (Oceanside)
I'm selling a professionally restored 10 foot longboard, signed by (above glass with a sharpie) Dale Velzy, during his 75 birthday party celebration. I originally purchased the board from the store manager at The Longboard Grotto in June of 2004, 11 months before Velzy's death, at age 77. This board has documented history and was restored in Hawaii by respected surfboard shaper, Randy Rarick. It was originally purchased in California in 1960 ... eventually living off the Oregon coast before making it's way to Hawaii. The wooden "pig" fin is original, as with the "wedge" (wider at the nose and tapers to the tail) stringer. Randy found an original unused laminate that matched the original laminate exactly. The board is in immaculate condition without dings or scratches. Call to discuss price. (760) 583-6268 and ask for Randy"

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