Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jazz the Glass!!! in the van?

Staying true to STOKE FILMS, LLc no budget style, we had our audio department handle the voice work in the latest most technologically advanced state of the art sound recording studio van.  This was a treat. I had just spent 5 hours cleaning up after a real boss party. That is me, David Potter, and Jon Steele. Jon did the video work for all the surfing in Jazz the Glass , David is the wizard behind our chit, and I ..I provided the farts. I layed down the voice for "Captain Blackstoke", the deathweasel layed down the voice for "barking dickweasel" and the Rev. Speefnarkle just pushed buttons on his computer and recording device. My beautiful wife layed down the voice for "flossie" later that day. Thats a high tech "pop" filter made from wire and a panty hose over the mic in that bottom picture. we are strictly professional. NICE!!!!