Tuesday, August 11, 2009

repaired G & S

David Brandt sent me this via surfapig@live.com:
"Hey Mike, just wanted to share a couple of photos and report.  Alex Martins did a great job repairing the front.  And he also added a leash hole which makes it much for useful for me, though not as authentic I suppose.  I took it out yesterday and had an awesome time right away.  I can definitely appreciate why some people are so into these types of boards.  I love the sliding feel, and the ease of turning and getting to the nose.  The weight made for tired arms, but also the momentum was amazing to feel.  What a wave hog.  I did not find it to be slow - actually I passed a guy who dropped in on me because nothing can stop this thing when it gets going.  It does have all the characteristics you identified, though not as extreme as a few others on the blog.  It has the narrow nose with back-set wide point, belly/convex bottom, D fin, weighs about 50 pounds...  Keep spreading the good word and thanks for the inspiration.  See you out there.  

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